Healing Power

in the Dearest Shape

Immerse yourself in light and color




Why do we need colors and light stimulation?

Color is a living energy human body (our organs, muscles, cells and nerves) is basically composed of colors.

The vibrations of each color affect our mood, emotions, and even our physical health.

When our body becomes out of balance, disease occurs. Each color has its own frequency and vibration.

Tune to one and you get back to balance feeling refreshed and calm.

Why is this important?


blues and purple light

For example, blue and purple lights are anti-inflammatory and calming.

Green helps to purify and cleanse while yellow light stimulates the lymphatic system.

Red light is invigorating, but it may cause agitation if you are already tense.

Chromotherapy for babies, kids and adults

in a combination of light, color and warmth

3D light & color

Safe, soft
and huggable

Safe for babies

The body is made of BPA-free, food-grade, washable silicone.

Although it’s safe to hug and squeeze, it’s probably not a good idea letting the baby chew on it.

Best keeping it on a shelf or desk, coffee table or a windowsill.


How Colors Affect Us?

  • They influence our mood and emotions.
  • They have their impact on our sense of well-being or un-easiness.
  • They influence the flow and amount of energy in our bodies.
  • Colors have a symbolic meaning which is immediately recognized by our subconsciousness. It must be said that not all colors mean the same to all persons and all cultures.
  • Using and avoiding certain colors is a way of self-expression; it sheds light on our personality.

Ready to Make Friends with the Bunny?

Best colors used to heal a different aspect

Soft white light

All purpose light. Reading, dining, meeting with friends. Brings confidence, creativity, luxury, sense of purification and cleaning on all levels. Restores harmony in the whole body.


Brings warmth, energy and stimulation; therefore good for low energy, fatigue, colds, chilly and passive people. It energizes heart and blood circulation. It stimulates all organs and senses.

Increases neuromuscular tone. Purifies blood, helps digestion and has a cleansing effect. Strongly stimulates happiness, brings on a sense of security, as well as a strong feeling of well-being.



Is a cooling, sedating color, which helps reduce swelling of joints and tissues; it calms the body’s nervous system. It’s the color of the relaxed heart.

Increases intuition and sensitivity. It mentally relaxes and tackles embodied psychological barriers. It acts as a tonifier and can help regulate imbalances in the lung and large intestines system. It facilitates spiritual growth.

Sky Blue


Cool, calming color. It reduces blood pressure and calms both breathing and heart-rate. It helps treat sleep disorders and headaches

Promotes awareness and consciousness. It increases focus and promotes deeper medication. It promotes proper functioning of the lymphatic system and very helpful with menopause. The color for neutralizing emotional wounds and for spiritual growth.



Heals grief and sadness. Restores youthfulness. Emanates softness and tenderness, romance, caring, nurturing, youth, peace, friendship, femininity, emotional love, emotional healing. Perfect for children.

Ready to Make Friends with the Bunny?

Best colors used for body parts

Brain and nerves - nerve soothing colors:

blue, violet and indigo.




Neck and thorax:

light blue for its cooling and heating properties.

Powder/Light Blue

Digestive disorders:

red, orange and yellow to stimulate digestive juices as well as blue and violet to stimulate saliva.






Lower limb disorders:

warm colors like orange and orange red or soft white light.



Soft white

Caution and contraindications of chromotherapy

Colors can heal, but they can also have injurious and disastrous effects.

For example, when the nerves are over-excited or irritable, or when someone is suffering from palpitations, high fever, inflammation and neuralgia etc, yellow or orange reddish tones must not be used.

Similarly, blue, indigo and violet must be avoided in cases of paralysis, gout, rheumatism or cold etc as these colors are extremely cooling.

Find out what our family members say

"I always loved red light but now I see how agitating it was. Soft white and green are my favorite lights now!"
~ Anna, 40

"Sitting next to the lamp is very soothing. It really helps me to relax."
~ Teri, 72

"I don't realy believe in healing with color but so far I've been enjoying this little buddy. Blue light relaxes me."
~ Thomas, 39

"This is a great addition to our evening table setting. It is fun and bright. "
~ Eva, 36

"I am not afraid to sleep alone anymore. I love my friend!"
~ Maja, 4.5

"I feel like it energizes me in the morning. I enjoy just watching it for some time. Makes me feel happier somehow."
~ Frank, 79

Ready to Make Friends with the Bunny?